Trained in the most prestigious Parisian schools of Les Beaux Arts (Fine Arts) and Les Arts Décoratifs (Decorative Arts), Catherine Hurand is a sculptress and uses her craft in many fields such as architecture, design or the visual arts.

Attracted to the rough aspect of the mineral world, part of her work is dedicated to glass, a material Catherine Hurand fluxes so it becomes a living moving material she can work either as monumental pieces or turn into tiny subtle works of art.

Award winner for “Talents à la Carte” in 1998 for the decorative art salon “Maison et Objet“, Catherine has created services for prestigious customers, among whom the famous three star chef Alain Ducasse and George Clémenceau aircraft carrier’s admiralty. It is on that very ship that the then French President Jacques Chirac enjoyed his official visit’s meal in a set designed by Catherine.

Catherine Hurand has found a new concept designing crockery and glassware, and her fame now leads her to industrialize her manufacturing process. Catherine Hurand manages to get items that correspond to all the quality labels concerning solidity and manufacturing standards too.

Her collections’ design is a challenge to the laws of physics as she is working her material to an almost impossible extend so it becomes incredibly expressive. The fragile glass is solid yet keeps its delicate aspect and brilliance.

Light sparkles enabling to enhance the most refined culinary delicacies thanks to this see-through game with glass

Catherine Hurand’s work is well illustrated by a statement of hers ‘To make the sparkling frost of the dawn danse, I’ve played with fire’